Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Ipoh

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After all the hype, I finally had the chance to visit Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Ipoh. Located inside De-Garden (facing Aeon Kinta City), you won’t missed their big unique “P” signage.

Upon arriving in the entrance we were warmly greeted by their waiter introducing some of the main course menu and we were lead to our seats.

Who are the Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Ipoh?

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Ipoh
This signage reminds me of Looney Tune cartoon

The Menu

The menu at Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf Ipoh were slightly boring, I mean they could have more photos to showcase their delicious menu but perhaps they were saving their cost or I don’t know. This is entirely the first outlet in Ipoh and I don’t think everyone in Ipoh can imagine how will their menu looks like. So I really hope their management will do something bout this.

Well since this was our first time here, we go straight for their main signature dishes the Wolf’s Favourite Pasta and Just Another Pork Steak. On top of 2 main dishes we ordered Caesar Salad with bread crumbed egg while for drinks we had 2 cup of Cappuccino since it was under “Buy 1 Free 1” for RM9.00 (hot), RM13.00(iced).

We did heard about their famous The Big Bad Ribs, but we’re hesitate since there’s just the two of us albeit the hefty price.

Wolf’s Favourite Pasta

The Wolf's Favourite Pasta
The Wolf’s Favourite Pasta @ RM29.00

The Wolf’s Favourite Pasta served with a bacon strip and boiled egg. The pasta was perfectly al dente, it wasn’t soggy or too soft, cooked just right. Served with mushroom, slices of pork, and right amount of creamy sauce. Overall we agreed it was surprisingly tasted great, you can taste each of the ingredient and truly porky pasta.

While the bacon strip were really really dry, I mean may be they were trying to make a crispy bacon strip but it taste bland.

Just Another Pork Steak

Just Another Pork Steak
Just Another Pork Steak @ RM39.00

Next the Just Another Pork Steak, 2 pieces of pork steak grilled with secret sauce, topped with fried garlic. Served together with Crisscut fries (or known as Waffle fries), and romaine lettuce topped with weird sour tasted sauce (hope they weren’t spoil).

The pork steak was well marinated, it’s tender and wasn’t too chewy. I wished they could add more fried garlic, which I think would be great. The crisscut fries was great, while the weird sour sauce on top of romaine lettuce was slightly weird, it doesn’t seems to match (it just my personal taste).

Overall the Pork Steak was good, but my only complain is the portion of these pork steak were too small, I mean for such price this is totally a big let down.

Caesar Salad with Bread Crumbed Egg

Caesar Salad with bread crumbed egg
Caesar Salad with bread crumbed egg @ RM 26.00

We love Caesar Salad especially the one served at Vivo Pizza. Here’s their version of course served with porky sliced of bacons, croutons, slices of Parmesan cheese and topped with bread crumbed egg.

Overall we found it’s slightly dry, not all ingredient were well covered with the sauce though. The crouton seems to be slightly big to our liking, we prefer to have a small bite size (1 inch) which would be more convenient especially for the ladies.


The bill came at RM 110.00, for the experience from walking in to the entire meal I think this is still below my expectation. Hope they could make a tweak for this adjustment.

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