Oh My Pork Burger in Spade’s Burger Greentown Ipoh

Spade’s Burger Greentown Ipoh has officially opened on August 10th and after all the hoo haa, I decided to try it out today.

Spade's Burger Greentown Ipoh
Spade’s Burger Greentown Ipoh
Spade's Burger Greentown Ipoh
Inside Spade’s Burger Greentown Ipoh

Upon entered I found the restaurant was minimally designed, primarily focused on simple counter, comfy seatings setup. Before we jump straight to the menu let’s explore their slightly complicated burger discovery journey which located on the left hand side of the queue.

Spades menu option journey
Spades menu option journey – click the image above to to view larger version

It’s a good visual guide to discover the types of burgers and nuggets menu served here. From beef, pork, chicken, fish and vegetarian burgers you will definitely find something fits your taste. There’s really huge variation of menu you can find here.

Spades burger ipoh promotion
Spades burger Ipoh student promotion

They have special 10% discount for students, but of course terms and condition apply 😀 Let’s explore their menu.

Menu at Spade’s Burger Greentown Ipoh

The menu might surprised you, I mean the price tag. Yep, it appears to be more expensive than your McDonald’s or KFC pricetag and this is just the ala carte burger only. Well let’s hope it won’t disappoint me on the portion and quality.

Spade's beef and pork burger menu Spade's Chicken and vegetarian burger menu Add-ons and Set menu

Well, since this is my first time I think I’ll just go with the “OH MY PORK! ” burger set, yes the one with the exclamation mark. The burger set cost me RM 21.40 (RM15.50+RM5.90). If you can’t decide based on the option they have, perhaps you should consider;

Build Your Own Spades

Build your own spades burger
Build your own spades burger

If there’s nothing fit your needs perhaps this would enlighten you, build your own Spade’s burger! Step-by-step choose the meat (I wished they could offer more options with different price), select your preferred sauce and furnish it with additional ingredient such as bacons, cheese, and or even Sauteed Mushrooms.

Free Flow of Soft Drinks

Upon finishing my order, I was then given a paper cup for an “UNLIMITED REFILLS“, yes bottomless soft drinks from this vending machine. Take note the center panel is the ice dispenser. How I wish the Minute Maid was available but too bad it’s not working right now. By the way, don’t trade your life with the free flow. Keep your sugar intake healthy okay!

Free Flow of soft drinks
Free Flow of soft drinks

Oh My Pork! Burger Set

Burgers with Fries Set at Spade's Ipoh
Spade’s burger comes with their signature fries, signature sauce and another hot sauce

The portion looks promising, it comes with their thick cut of fries, together with Spade’s signature original sauce and the spicy hot sauce. Both original and spicy version was really good, I mean I almost need to a refill.

thick cut Spade's fries
Thick cut Spade’s fries
close up on the thick cut fries
Close up on the thick cut fries with their signature sauce
Oh My Pork burger at Spade's Ipoh
Oh My Pork burger at Spade’s Ipoh

Big black charcoal bun with fried pork fillet, big thick juicy pork patty, fresh vegetable, topped with smoked mayonnaise and their Spade’s signature sauce. Overall it looks promising, let’s bite in.

Close up on the thick fat patty
Close up on the thick fat patty

The charcoal bun gives a different texture and sweetness, unlikely normal white bun. The big juicy piece of pork patty was very well seasoned, a little chew texture and it’s really really thick. Together with the crispy fried pork fillet topped with their signature sauce, every bite you can feel the flavour oozing out.


Given the price was above any average burgers but for the overall value I think it does worth the experience especially if I could really bottomless Minute Maid orange juice :D. They do have wide variety of options to choose from, if this is your first time and you have no idea what to choose just either opt for their signature the Dark Knight (Beef and Pork), or else you just browse the big menu above before visiting.

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