Sek Lau Zhi (Air Sagu) @ Jalan Prince

I’ve been having loads of heaty food lately and I really need to get something refreshing. Allow me to share with you another local gem dessert, Sek Lau Zhi (Air Sagu) @ Jalan Prince Pasir Pinji, Ipoh.

The menu eat-in for RM2.00/bowl while take-away for RM2.50/packet

Running for over 50 years, and now maintaining second generation, Ah Ngan still operates in the same spot every weekend from 1pm to 6pm (or until sold-out).

Sek Lau Ji at Jalan Prince
Sek Lau Ji is little red rubies known as “pomegranate seeds” or “Thapthim krop” in Thailand

Sek Lau Zhi is a dessert which also known as “pomegranate seeds” or “red rubies” due to its’ appearance. Made using the mixture of tapioca flour and water chestnut this little red rubies is chewy like bubble tea’s tapioca pearl. The vibrant red appearance is definitely draws your curiosity wondering how will it taste like, let’s dig in.

Sek Lau Zhi
Chewy red rubies Sek Lau Zhi

The Original Sek Lau Zhi

Sek Lau Zhi is served with 2 different flavors. The first one is the original where it is served with sugar syrup, coconut milk with some cendol-alike white noodle and topped with shaved ice. The red rubies are chewy (really chewy) with subtle sweetness, while the cendol-alike white noodle is slightly salty mixed with the saltiness of the coconut milk this is one bowl of happiness.

Original Sek Lau Zhi with coconut milk
Original Sek Lau Zhi with coconut milk

Wan Tau Long (Yellow Jelly)

Their second option is the Wan Tau Long, served with yellow jelly (known as Aiyu Jelly in Taiwan), Sek Lau Zhi, lime juice, dried sour plum powder and shave ice.

Air Sagu Sek Lau Ji Ipoh
Air Sagu Sek Lau Ji Ipoh

You can definitely taste not only the smooth gelatin yellow jelly but every bites into the pieces of dried sour plum will unleashed additional sweet and sour punch inside your mouth. To enhance the overall texture the Sek Lau Zhi adds the same sweetness chewy texture in every bites. Nothing beat this refreshing dessert in a sunny hot day.

Wan Tau Long with Sek Lau Zhi
Wan Tau Long with Sek Lau Zhi
Wan Tau Long or Aiyu Yellow Jelly
Yellow Jelly or known as Aiyu Jelly (in Taiwan) is called Wan Tau Long in local Ipoh.

Unfortunately this stall only operates on weekend Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 6pm or until sold-out. So if you’re happen to be in Ipoh on weekend, be sure to give this a try.

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