Restoran May Sim Authentic Curry Noodle

Whenever we talk about curry noodle in Ipoh, the list like Xin Quan Fang, Sun Seng Fatt, Yee Fatt or even Nam Chau. But today I would like share my latest find of a local’s gem, Restoran May Sim Authentic Curry Noodle.

The founder a local Ipohian, Mr Chee Thean Fook transitioned from fashion industry to food industry during 1989 in US. Starting out as a kitchen trainee he spent 7 years in learning and gaining experience in food industry. In year 1996 he then moved back to Ipoh, starting his own first curry noodle stall in a coffee shop in Ipoh First Garden with his brother.

Signage of Restoran May Sim
Big big sized signage ensure you’re in the right place

From a simple curry noodle stall Mr Chee and his wife started their own Restoran May Sim in 2003, offering the same authentic curry noodle with variety home-made menu from curry noodles to braised meat menu, soup noodles, dumpling, chee cheong fun and various creative beverages (be sure to ask for their recommendation). Later that year their daughter Mandy joined to assist their restaurant until now.

Menu board at Restoran May Sim Ipoh
Menu board at Restoran May Sim Ipoh

Upon entrance you will find they offers variety of menu. If you have no idea what to start then just simply ask them.

Menu at Restoran May Sim Ipoh
Menu at Restoran May Sim Ipoh
Interior Restoran May Sim
A glass of hot coffee for RM1.70
A cup of hot coffee for RM1.70

Hainan Curry Soup Noodle

Hainan Curry Soup Noodle at Restoran May Sim
Hainan Curry Soup Noodle with a spoon of lime @ RM5.80

[UPDATED] After few weeks I decided to visit May Sim again to try my luck on their signature Hainan Curry Soup Noodle and I was in luck. Let’s dig in

close up on Hainan Curry Noodle Soup Ipoh
Served with roast pork, char siu, slices of lean chicken meat and garnished with chopped spring onion & mint leaves

Arriving at 11am I was still fortunate to grab the last bowl signature curry noodle, as this is the last bowl of course the thickness of the curry soup.

Dark lean char siu
Sweet Dark lean char siu to neutralize the spiciness
Roast Pork with curry noodle
Crunchy roast pork
Hainan Curry broth at Restoran May Sim
Thick curry broth cooked with anchovies, various herbs and spices

Unlike other curry noodle, their curry soup were made with their own homemade curry paste which consists more than 10 different mixture of herbs and spices and cooked with anchovies soup base. This explain the complexity of their curry soup.

Dried Curry Noodle

 Restoran May Sim Authentic Curry Noodle

Dried curry noodle Restoran May Sim IpohI reached slightly late today around 12pm, thus they ran out of roast pork. But still I decided to try their dried curry noodle served with dark char siu, bean sprout, slices of chicken meat, garnished with scallion and a spoon of lime juice.

Dark lean char siu
Big slice of dark lean char siu

Signature Marinated Braised Chicken Wing

Signature marinated chicken wings
Signature marinated braised chicken wings

I was quite fortunate to try their last set of Signature Marinated Braised Chicken Wings (3 pieces), a plastic glove will be provided so you can fully enjoy the juicy, smooth and tenderly braised chicken wings. According to Mandy, it’s best to start eating from the wingette down to the tip/nub to fully enjoy the tenderness and smoothness of their signature braised chicken wing.

Signature marinated chicken wing
Super sweet and smooth texture
herbal drink at Restoran May Sim
A soothing and refreshing herbal drink to cool down heatiness

I tried by starting from the wingette and from the tip on different pieces, and I gotta tell you her advice is not without a reason. Starting from the wingette you can simply suck out the sauce and slowly to suck each piece of tender and juicy meat to the smooth and gelatin feel of the tip/nub. This is highly recommended.

Overall I think Restoran May Sim offers wonderful bowl of curry noodle. However as this is a family-based business thus they have limited staff to handle the loads. So I would like to suggest you all to visit during non-peak period .e.g weekdays (Monday to Friday).

As they are operating everyday from 6:30am to 2:30pm daily, and would subject to few days leave based on necessity. I would suggest you to give them a call before visiting.

Recommended Menu

  • Curry mee soup
  • Dried curry mee
  • Dried curry chicken noodle (limited)
  • Bitter gourd soup noodle
  • Turmeric Glutinous Rice (limited)
  • Iced lemon mint honey
  • Pumpkin soup drink

More photos

Curry Noodle Menu at Restoran May Sim
Curry Noodle Menu at Restoran May Sim
Menu Inside Restoran May Sim
Menu Inside Restoran May Sim
Inside Restoran May Sim
Inside Restoran May Sim
Lunch Time menu at Restoran May Sim
Lunch Time menu at Restoran May Sim
Restoran May Sim 美聖咖哩面專門店
Restoran May Sim 美聖咖哩面專門店