Restoran Jen Jen 津津茶餐室 Ipoh

Restoran Jen Jen 津津茶餐室 is one of local’s favorite breakfast & lunch spot. Lin Kee Ipoh Chicken Kueh Tiau, Fried Noodle, Claypot Noodle, Prawn Noodle and Curry Noodle.

Lin  Kee Ipoh Chicken Kueh Tiau

A must try here, unique Ipoh Kai See Hor Fun (Chicken with rice noodle). Operated by Lau and family, this stall has been been a major attraction for a good bowl of Ipoh Chicken Kueh Tiau with deboned chicken. prawn and prawn broth.

Lin Kee Ipoh Chicken Kueh Tiau
Ipoh Kueh Tiau by Mong Ling

Another famous dishes by Lin Kee is their Jellyfish Seafood Palate which consists of huge amount of jelly fish, squid with bean sprouts as base. If you’re a jellyfish lover, this is definitely a must try.

Lin Kee Seafood Palate
Jelly Fish & Seafood Palate @ Lin Kee- Photo by Mong Ling

Claypot Noodle / Bou Chai Mee

Another attraction is the Claypot noodle, a hot steaming bowl of yee mee (fried dried noodle) cooked with their special broth, with with pork meatball, fish and pork meatball, enoki mushroom and topped with an egg.

Claypot Noodles at Restoran Jen Jen-Ipoh
Claypot Noodle – Photo by Lin Chee Ming

Char Kueh Tiau

Fried noodle is another attraction in Restoran Jen Jen, choose any combination of Kueh Tiau, or Mee fried together with Gau Choi (green chives), lap cheong (Chinese preserved sausage), bean sprouts, cockles, egg and most of all is their pork lardons.

Fried Noodle with cockles at Restoran Jen Jen
Char Kueh Tiau with pork lardons and cockles – Photo by Jenny Foong

Prawn Noodle

Prawn Noodle at Restoran Jen Jen
Prawn Noodle – Photo by Yukesim Lee