Local’s Favourite Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun @ Restoran Ah Loi

Today I introduce you all to this local gem, this is one of local’s Favourite Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun @ Restoran Ah Loi. For those who would like to try local’s favourite and less “touristy” kind of scene, this is one of them.

Local's Favourite Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun or beansprout chicken in Restoran Ah Loi
Ipoh Chicken Hor Fun (beansprout with chicken with flat rice noodle) in Restoran Ah Loi

Look at how thick the soup is, served together with slices of chicken with smooth silky “hor fun” or flat noodle rice.

ipoh beansprout tauge
Fatty crunchy juicy bean sprout in Ipoh

Big fat crunchy and most of all, it is still juicy every bites with every bite. You can taste the freshness of these crunchy bean sprout.

Ipoh beansprout chicken
My verdict? Well let the photo tell you the whole story.
Restoran Ah Loi @ Jalan Pasir Puteh Ipoh