Ipoh Grass Jelly 怡保仙草

怡保仙草 Ipoh Grass Jelly Pasir Puteh
怡保仙草 Ipoh Grass Jelly Pasir Puteh

Introducing 怡保仙草 Ipoh Grass Jelly located in Pasir Puteh area. This is a Taiwanese style dessert serving “leung fun” or grass jelly, served with either soy milk and various toppings, read on to find out more.

Grass jelly in Ipoh
Grass jelly combo with various chewy balls starts from RM4.50
grass jelly Taiwan dessert in Ipoh
grass jelly Taiwan-style dessert in Ipoh
Leung fun or grass jelly

Various toppings available from boba (tapioca balls), yam balls, dragon fruit balls, taro q balls, and many other types of chewy toppings.

怡保仙草 Ipoh Grass Jelly
怡保仙草 Ipoh Grass Jelly
leung fun black grass jelly
凉粉 or leung fun is a refreshing black grass jelly
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