Artisan Handmade Bread Ipoh Oldtown

From selling bread around Oldtown area, Chef Sam Lau has finally started his bistronomy-concept bakery and restaurant – Artisan Handmade Bread, located in Jalan Market, Oldtown.

I met Chef Sam Lau during an event in Oldtown Ipoh, and had an unbelievable chat learning and knowing such a passionate chef specialised in genuine traditional handmade bread with his own secret levain. He is definitely one of the best and friendly guy, sharing his passion in handmade bread making to his dream of starting his own bistrology-concept restaurant.

Some of his signature bread

The Environment

environment of Artisan Homemade Bread

unique wedding photography location in Ipoh
A sweet newly wed taking photo inside A.H.B. cafe

During my conversation with Chef Sam, I soon come to learn more not only his passion in bread making, but his passion in maximise local’s ingredient into this cooking.

As this is my first visit to his cafe, Chef Sam suggested me to try his lunch set Croque Madame where I can taste most of his craft in one meal.

Croque Madame Meal Set (RM 28nett)

The lunch set started with a surprised starter on and inside the unique designed box (be sure to explore the box)

special surprise

When I was presented the entire “set”, I was surprised with the serving. Nicely grilled bread with chicken ham, baked beans, coleslaw, sunny side up egg, topped with freshly shred premium Parmesan cheese. Served together with soup of the day (Creamy mushroom), and pudding.

While I was exploring, suddenly Chef Sam turned around and drizzled few drops of oil onto the sunny side up egg, immediately the aroma starts spreading. I asked him what oil was that? “White Truffle Oil” he replied. Without further waiting I dive into the sandwich.

Croque Madame & Croquette

The aroma from the grilled sandwich is really tempting, my first bite into the sandwich, I can taste the crunchiness of the aromatic grilled bread, slowly to the thick chicken ham with baked beans.

Lastly the pudding, to my surprised there were few slices of Jack-Fruit just under the cream, which quite unique.

Chef Sam Lau with his students at Artisan Handmade Bread Ipoh Oldtown

Overall I was satisfied with the lunch set, the portion was huge even for a man and totally worth for the price. I will definitely will come back, not just for the food but the atmosphere and the wonderful conversation with Chef Sam.

Artisan Handmade Bread Ipoh Oldtown

Artisan Handmade Bread Ipoh Oldtown
Artisan Handmade Bread Ipoh located in Jalan Market, Oldtown

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