About EDO

EDO (Easily Dig Online) is started by Jonath, a local Ipohian who love to browse Facebook all day long looking for foods, events and happenings (especially sales & promotions) in Ipoh. Unfortunately he had a bad memory in memorising posts in Facebook, to make matters worse, Facebook’s search couldn’t help him to find back the post (not to mention their scroll to load sometime reload back all the latest posts).

So, he decided to create EDO where he can bookmark all the yummy post made by Facebooker or netizen and categorize it all accordingly so everyone can find it easily.


If you have any food review, posts, events, sales, promotions or etc, please do submit using the form below so he could post it up.

If you have any post related to foods, new openings, events, launching, sales, promotion and any other interesting stuff (except advertisement and spam), do submit it to us for review.

Note to content owner:

If you found your post / content were found in this website and would like to claim copyright or perhaps even request to remove it please feel free to contact me using the form below;